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LE19 Spectacular Wines Celebrating 30 Years of Limited Edition

LE19 marks the 30th Anniversary of bringing exclusive, premium limited release wines to you!
This year’s selections were specially chosen for their outstanding varietals and exceptional quality.
ew this year, we’ll be releasing one wine per month instead of two wines in January.
Check out the videos, descriptions and recipes:

LE19 Terremoto Tempranillo (December 2019)

LE19 Terremoto Tempranillo

Enjoy this with your LE19 Terremoto Tempranillo:

LE19 Pecorino Pinot Grigio (January 2020)

LE19 Pecorino Pinot Grigio

Enjoy this with your LE19 Pecorino Pinot Grigio:

LE19 Pacific Quartet Red (February 2020)

LE19 Pacific Quartet Red

Enjoy this with your LE19 Pacific Quartet Red:

LE19 YOLO White (March 2020)

LE19 YOLO White

Enjoy this with your LE19 YOLO White:

LE19 Cape Blend (April 2020)

LE19 Cape Blend

Enjoy this with your LE19 Cape Blend:

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